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My passion for the breathtaking Northern California landscape has an undeniable presence in the images I make. My quest to explore and experience pushes me to capture the intensity of light and shape that transcends this fast-paced world and invites us to linger and reflect on the joy of the natural world. Often moody, the images bring the viewer to the emotion and sense of place that lives just below the surface of the subject. My vision is to translate this intersection of light and dark into an image to delight the eye, soothe the soul and provide a respite from our day-to-day lives.

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Wisdom from Trees

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Take a walk through a magical forest as I share simple truths learned from some of the trees I have met on my Northern California wanderings.

Simplistic in thought and concept, Wisdom from Trees will help you find the strength, peace and hope every heart needs and will serve as a gentle reminder of the power and beauty of nature. 

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Dreams Sting So Sweet

This first time mother-daughter collaboration captures, with wonder and awe the rich and inspiring beauty of the Northern California landscape. Stunning photographs of nature's most beautiful treasures complement a bold selection of poetry exploring our connection to the earth, the wisdom of our hearts and the depths of our dreams. An honest and courageous journey through the elements intended to set your soul on fire!  
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